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A Deeper Look Inside Yamilah's Book

There was a secret Yamilah’s been hiding from herself and the rest of the world and it’s the time she got raped by her ex-boyfriend and was left stranded inside a public bathroom.

Yamilah was in disbelief. she got up that day, went home, and acted as if nothing ever happened. She was in such shock that she left it behind her and never spoke of it to anyone ever in her life.

A few years later something strange happened that she couldn’t understand. Every time she had sex with her ex-boyfriend she would start crying. She would instantly feel triggered and afraid. She'd cry uncontrollably and not understanding why. Her boyfriend was concerned and looked up symptoms and said "I think something happened to you when you were young."

Yamilah put the pieces together and realized she was suffering from PTSD from the time she got raped. She never mentioned this to her boyfriend at the time.
This was an extremely low point in Yamilah’s life. She was scared, confused, triggered, and felt alone even though she had people around her that loved her. Yamilah was depressed for a long time and hid it from everyone.

Yamilah went deep into studying her trauma and realized that the only way she was going to heal was if she faced the truth herself.

One day at a time, Yamilah started to accept the truth and write out all her thoughts and feelings inside of a notebook. Writing was a way that Yamilah was able to cope. She fell in love with writing and decided to take her healing to the next level and read a lot of books. She came across a book by Reyna Bibby called I Love My Love and got inspired to write her book revealing her story in poetry form.

“Something sparked in me,” Yamilah said. “I knew I needed to share my story. I needed to do this to grow. Me releasing this book was me releasing the pain that I’ve hidden all these years.”

Yamilah then began writing her book that became an instant struggle. Every time she would write her story she’ll feel triggered and start crying again.
“It’s always emotional to think about... It’s a scar that’ll always be a part of who I am now.”

Yamilah spends a year trying to write her story. But it wasn’t until March 2021 when COVID hit, where she was stuck in her apartment quarantining, where she finally finished her entire book within a two-month time frame.

After her first launch, she’s gotten incredible feedback.

A lot of people said that her book was extremely relatable. Many people said that they felt a very deep connection to her and their trauma experience.

Yamilah now has a mission to help anyone to suffer through trauma to heal and grow. To read more about her mission, you can click here.


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