Who Is Yamilah? – Yamilah Nguyen

Who Is Yamilah?

Yamilah Nguyen is a 24-year-old serial entrepreneur. She was born and raised in Seattle Washington but moved to Vegas in March 2021 to focus on herself and her goals.

In 2015, quickly after high school, Yamilah got into adult entertainment and began stripping. After her first year, she decided to vlog her experience on YouTube. Every other day she would post a new video. Through hard work and consistency, she was able to reach over 146,000+ YouTube subscribers in two years. Yamilah was able to make six figures from YouTube and decided to retire from dancing. 

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She later published her first book called The Hidden Diaries of A Young Woman, where she talks about her sexual abuse experience.

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Yamilah then drops a YouTube course and offers mentorship, helping other people build their Youtube platform. She's very passionate about helping other people turn passion into income.

"it's like the American dream," Yamilah said. "Nobody ever believes you until you make it. I'm just thankful I made it this far."

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She later got into trading and cryptocurrency, which opened another stream of income for her. She also learned about e-commerce dropshipping and was able to open and scale multiple online businesses.

Yamilah now defines herself as a serial entrepreneur. She is very goal-driven and committed to personal growth and change. Her goal is to retire her mom and break generational curses in her family. 

Though she started as just a stripper on the Internet, she's very much more than that. Her ambition and drive allowed her to excel in different niches. She became passionate about helping people become successful no matter which background they come from.

She later found her purpose in helping other people and influencing others to be great.

"Entrepreneurship isn't easy! But I rather bet on myself than anybody else. I work hard every day to get the life I deserve. Nobody will ever stop me."

- Yamilah

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