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Yamilah's Youtube Journey

Yamilah didn’t wake up one day and say she was going to become a famous YouTuber. It started with a spontaneous mind of trying new things. Yamilah decided to film a makeup tutorial video one day. She wasn’t a makeup guru, she didn't have experience in content creating. She simply had an idea in her head and gave it a go. To watch her very first YouTube video, Here is the link: https://youtu.be/OQdDy8HNIEA 

She had a lot of support from her friends that gave her a shout-out and words of encouragement that motivated her to upload a second video. She decided to film a Mukbang video. It took her 13 hours to edit a five-minute video. Why? Simply because she had no prior knowledge of editing. Though it took very long, she kept going because she was entertained by her own personality. But her problem of being a perfectionist got to the best of her. After a week of publishing her second video, she decided to delete it.

“When you put yourself out there, it’s nerve-wracking. I didn’t know what people were thinking. I was scared of getting judged. I didn’t get a lot of views or comments. It discouraged me so I deleted it.” She explained. 

Even though she was scared, she continued to upload more videos and overcome the fear of opinions. Filming on the camera allowed her to become more confident in herself. Yamilah then became very consistent with YouTube and within a few months she had her first viral video called: CHEAP LINGERIE / STRIPPER HEELS TRY ON HAUL FT YANDY.COM

Within 24 hours, she was able to hit 9,000 views on that one video. At the moment this was a huge accomplishment. After she witnessed her possibilities of going big, she decided to fully commit to becoming a YouTuber. 

Yamilah played around with several different niches until she decided to settle down with Stripper Content. 

Yamilah decided to go with this route because she knew this niche was exotic and not a lot of people knew about it. She also wanted to become as authentic as possible and fully own the life she had which 80% of the time was her working inside the strip club. 

"Being a stripper I realized everyone was going to judge me anyway. So I took this lesson and implemented it on my YouTube channel" 

Yamilah then focused heavily on stripper content and was able to grow her YouTube channel to 100,000 YouTube subscribers. 

"It's funny because the night this happened, I was in the corner by myself trying to survive a slow Sunday night shift at the strip club," Yamilah says. "People think I'm so extroverted because of my youtube videos, but in real life, I'm an introvert and by myself 98% of the time."

Her subscribers accepted Yamilah for who she was and that boosted her confidence level. Yamilah explained that her subscribers were family and that she shared every part of her life with them. The good, the crazy, the sad, and even the bad. 

"A lot of people say you shouldn't post anything bad about yourself on the internet, but at the end of the day, I realized people love transparency, they want to feel like they can relate to you. When you share deep stories about yourself, you connect with your subscribers on a deeper level."

Yamilah is currently at 146,000+ Youtuber subscribers and still posting weekly on her youtube channel. 

Because of her YouTube channel, she was able to quit her 9-5 job and focus full time on her goals and aspirations.

Yamilah was able to make six figures off of YouTube, and open several other streams of income that helped her generate more cash flow. 

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