Youtube Case Study – Yamilah Nguyen

Youtube Case Study

Before Yamilah launched her YouTube course, she decided to run a case study to see what exactly people needed. She wanted to bring the highest value in her course that was beneficial to those that had no prior knowledge in scaling their YouTube. She mentored a total of 20 students for three months and gathered as much information as possible.

A lot of people asked if she was only good at helping those in the same niche as her but she was very confident that she could help anybody grow no matter what. Yamilah was able to grab a handful of people who wanted to grow lifestyle vlogs, cooking channels, relationship channels, traveling channels, personal business channels, and many more.

Yamilah realize that everyone had different levels of knowledge. Some people were brand new. Some people knew how to film, but didn't know how to edit. Some people knew the basics of being a YouTuber but didn't know how to grow their channel. Some people lacked confidence and consistency, others had trouble figuring out what type of content to film.

Yamilah gathered every problem and put them all inside of her of course. She was excited because she had a solution for everything. She didn't stumble across a single problem she couldn't find an answer to.

After finishing her Case Study, Yamilah was able to put together a 75+ clip course. Yamilah put her all into this course and left no information behind.

"I just want to see people win." Yamilah says, "And I'm super analytical. Anything I know, I will make sure you know!"

The main topics that she goes over in her course are: 

1. ) Everything you need to know BEFORE starting a YouTube channel

2.) How to get started: creating your YouTube page, email, intro, banner, what to film with, finding your YouTube niche and good YouTube content 

3.)Filming: angels, lights, voice projection, confidence, video layout, and content information 

4.) Video editing: How To's: phone edits, computer edits, background music, sound effects and memes, other editing tools

5.) Publishing: Title, description box, thumbnail, hashtags, promotion, algorithm

6.) Monetization 

7.) Other FAQ

Yamilah's been a YouTuber for three years with over 200+ videos. With every single video, there was something to learn. With every video that didn't get a lot of views, there was something to learn. With every single video that didn't blow up (yet), there was something to learn. 

Yamilah is very excited to show everything she knows to other people.

If you are interested in mentorship and working with Yamilah, you can click here to learn more about her mentorship details. 

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