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Youtube Course

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This Youtube course will show you everything you need to know in order to become a successful Youtuber. Whether you are the face of your channel or branding a business, this will help you build a large audience and help scale yourself, brand, or business you wish to expose more over the internet.  

This course will be going over the following: 

1. ) Everything you need to know BEFORE starting a YouTube channel

2.) How to get started: creating your YouTube page, email, intro and banner, what to film with, finding your YouTube niche and good YouTube content 

3.)Filming: angels, lights, voice projection, confidence, video layout and content information 

4.) Video editing: How To's: phone edits, computer edits, background music, sound effects and memes, other editing tools

5.) Publishing: Title, description box, thumbnail, hashtags, promotion, algorithm

6.) Monetization 

7.) Other FAQ

Youtube is one of the biggest search engine in the world! If you're not on here yet, you need to be.

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